Getting To First Base The Art of The Pitch

 Do you have a product, TV series or idea that you would like to pitch?  This gives step by step instructions on what to do before, after and during the pitch along with the best ways to follow up.  Great for job seekers as well.

Whether you are pitching a television show, film or yourself on a job interview, this book provides strategies that will improve your chances of getting noticed!


5 Things to Do Before a Pitch

5 Things Never to Say or Do in a Pitch

5 Things You Should Always Do in a Pitch

5 Things to Do After a Pitch

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NOTE:  Should you purchase a .pdf file of any book directly from this website, please be advised that each book is protected under US Copyright law, which means you are not share copies with anyone without prior permission from the author, who may be reached at thatwritingchic@gmail.com.

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