This is my Grandson, Tyler. He is Artistic. #AutismAwareness


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This is my Grandson, Tyler.

Years ago, I knew someone who had a son with Autism. But I had no idea of what it was. I am sure my ignorance led to some harsh judgments of parents with children whom I now see as truly special. However, I saw something different in her son.  I referred to that difference as artistic.  Not autistic.

My Tyler has taught me so much. Each interaction with him is a learning experience and opportunity for us to both grow in knowledge and understanding of each other.

For a long time, I thought that Tyler and I wouldn’t connect emotionally.

But, I have watched him blossom. From what I perceived as a disconnected grandson to moments of non stop kisses, an occasional utterance of “Mama” and a Christmas I will never forget.

After spending the holidays in NJ, my daughter was packing up to leave and Tyler started crying. As I tried to figure out the best way to comfort him, he took my hand, guided me to a chair, motioned for me to sit down, climbed up in my lap and wrapped my arms around him! My Tyler didn’t want to leave!

I have come to appreciate the intimate art of non-verbal communication more than ever before. And hearing Tyler speak each new word warms my heart.

💙But I am merely a cheerleader.

💙On the sideline.

💙Rooting for the real MVP from the sidelines.

💙His mom.

💙My daughter.

💙And our hero:  Ashley.

💙April is #autismawarenessmonth.

But my daughter and Tyler and others like them are living with it every single day.

Please support Ashley and Tyler’s desire to raise awareness by snagging a T-Shirt from Tyler’s shop and wearing it proudly!  Ashley has created T-shirts for Friends , Family & Children. (Sizes s-3xl) Order before April 4th & receive 15% off of your order using code 15P417.

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Together WE can spread awareness and build hope for Tyler & other Autistic Children around the world!

Use the 💙to promote #AutismAwareness!