Why I Don’t Have a Bucket List


I prayed that I would never have to interview for a job again.

I am the CEO of my business.

I prayed that I would work for someone who knows my worth and would compensate me accordingly.

I make more money than I’ve ever made in my life.

I prayed that I could live every day as if I am on vacation.

And I do.

Sunsets and oceans are mandatory wherever I travel.

To have both: Divine!

Someone reading this is much like me in 2009.

Someone reading this is just like me in 2010.
Trying to pursue my passion, working for $8.50/hr ( or was it $8.25?) to make an Orange Cheetos’ TV show 👀 while other people think you are doing great things.

Someone reading this is like me in 2011.
Working a job that I loathed for less than half of what I deserved to be paid, relying on the promise of something better while constantly being re-lied to. (See what I did there?) It never came.

Someone reading this is like me in 2012.
Asking God “how long” and tired of watching less competent people being more highly valued than me. Hiding tears and biting your tongue because you are being called the angry black woman and have every right to be mad.

Someone reading this is like me in August 2013.
Stepping out on faith. Trusting no one but God as your provider. Leaving the “security” of a paycheck. And placing my entire livelihood into the hands of God.

I could go on, but I need you to hear me!

As I was recently reminded by a post shared on Facebook, I don’t have a bucket list.

I LIVE a #bucketlifestyle!

The fear of death shouldn’t motivate you to LIVE as God desires you to.


Give God the desires of your heart.
He created the earth – ALL OF IT for humans to enjoy.
He placed man in a lush garden.

Get outside of the four walls of your world.

Now, someone reading this will be tempted to ask me the WRONG question “What do you do?”

The question, Dear Friends, should be directed to God: “What SHOULD YOU be doing?”