You Have Not, Because You Ask Not: Ask BIG!



Heavenly Father: Please douse the life of every reader of these words with your favor, mercy and grace on this day.

We have started this day asking and therefore expect to receive according to the riches of YOUR glory and not the LIMITATIONS of our heart.

We give you thanks in advance.

In Jesus’ name.


We should never compare ourselves to others for many reasons, one of which is that we have no idea what they experienced to achieve what some perceive as success.

However, the thing that holds people back from doing more, being more and having more as the suffer lack is simply their refusal to ask.

Or in some cases ask for MORE.

When my daughter was younger, she asked me for $10 to spend while on a class trip.

Upon her return home later that evening, she said she enjoyed the trip but wish she had asked for $20 instead of the $10.  When I told her that she should have asked for more money, she replied: “I didn’t know if you would give it to me.”

Are we like that with God?

Do we ask him based on our MINIMUM desire?

Do we ask for JUST ENOUGH?

If we ask God to help us get through this week with our bills and he does so, why get frustrated when bills roll around again and we are in need?

His pockets know no limits.

His storehouse of blessings overflow and last throughout eternity.

When you want something from your Heavenly Father: ASK. Be specific.

ASK. Be specific.

Be specific.

Why ask him to get you through the end of the month bill cycle when he desires not only that you are debt free but able to bless others with your overflow?

You have not, because you ask not.
Stop limiting God.
You want more?
Ask for more.
And while you are waiting to receive, activate your faith by preparing to have your prayers answered.
Because faith without works is dead and we are rewarded according to our faith.

If you aren’t ready to receive what you are claiming to believe God for, why should he believe he should release it to you?

Take some time to ASK BIG today.

“Stretch the boundaries of my influence beyond that of my household, neighborhood, city and state.”

“Break the influence of generational curses of all bloodlines related to my children, their children and their children’s children, reaching back to the source and reversing it into an eternity of blessings.”

“Provide resources for a legacy of wealth to last in perpetuity.”

“Grant me the wisdom of Solomon.”

“Extend my life to live beyond the normal lifespan that I may spend more years honoring and praising you.”

“Heal every ailment present in my body, known or not – reversing them at the cellular level.”

“Bring peace to every member of my household and let love abide.”

God is a miracle worker.

Why ask him for anything less than a miracle?

God has had plans and miracles stored up for you from the founding of the world.

Why are you waiting to ask him for them to manifest in your life?

Open your eyes to how big your God is.

That’s when your problems become small.