What Is Your “Net” Worth?


Net Worth.png

Many of us see the term net worth and think in financial terms.

Today, I challenge you to ponder one simple question:

What is your “net” worth as it pertains to two things:

People and God?

What is the value of your network?

Do you have a mentor, advisor, and nurturer?

Are you the same to others?

Or are you surrounded by opportunists who only seek you out when it is advantageous to them?

If you didn’t pick up your phone to call or text anyone for several days, who would contact you and why?

Some of our personal nets are bursting at the seams and are positioned to break wide open.

Perhaps you have too many people fishing around for the sake of only knowing your business.

Maybe you have one big cannibalistic fish up in your net that doesn’t belong.

Whatever it is, CLEAN out your net.

Or hang out a fresh one, baited properly to attract the best fish.

Because we attract who we are.

Now, let’s talk about the most important net of all:

Your prayer net.

What are you praying for?

How often are you casting your cares upon God and availing yourself of his impenetrable safety net?
Do you journal?
If so, are you writing GOD’S vision for your life and making it plain? (Because God never told Habakkuk to write out his PERSONAL vision. Read 1:1 “The problem as GOD GAVE Habakkuk to see it.” ) MSG
Who is standing in the gap for you and are they praying or preying?
Perhaps you have a Joseph who whispers “remember me” “when all goes well with you”, instead of patiently waiting on what God has already promised them. (Genesis 40:14, 15)
Who are you covering in prayer and from what motive?

KNOW THIS: Your prayer net has the power to shift and catapult your financial net worth, your safety net and both your personal and professional net worth to places you have not yet even dared to dream!

Ask yourself: What are my NETS WORTH?

And then DO something about it!