S0 You Need A Hook Up?


Pick Up a Book

Sometimes, the problem is not that you need more people. You just need to read more books.

Waiting for a hook up has never been recognized as a best practice. Yet so many entrepreneurs act as if it is THE ONLY THING that stands between them and success.

The problem is you, Boo.

Even your “Uncle in the business” cannot manufacture experience for you. When I started tweeting my journey as a television producer, I got more requests for hookups than match.com. I never understood or tolerated the “my man’s and ’em” principle, so I didn’t feel obligated to help anyone that I didn’t want to.

But when I realized that I had knowledge that could help people follow their dreams, I wrote a book called “Breaking Into Television: An Insider’s Guide.” I didn’t write it for the money. The book was my response to every question I had ever been asked about my career in television. I started pointing people to the book. In it’s original format, the ebook cost $1.99.

Guess how many books I sold?

Less than 20.


Because people refused to pay $1.99 for my 20+ years of experience in the entertainment industry. They wanted a hook up. I was later told that I should raise my price because people felt that if I was “legit” my book would cost more.

I guess some people don’t know a good hookup when they see one.

Whatever you are aspiring to do, stop waiting on that hook up.

Go pick a book up.

Because that’s what your competition is doing. And that is why they are winning and you are still trying to figure out where to start.

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