When Your Dreams Become Nightmares



If you have a dream to accomplish something greater than you can do in your own strength who do you call? Our first inclination is to call someone we trust.

Years ago I managed an incredibly talented rap duo. As I introduced them to producers and put them in the studio, they began performing locally. At the end of one show they were approached by a rep from a then growing independent label.

They took the contract to one of the family’s most trusted friends: A Real Estate attorney.

He had helped them with their biggest deal to date – purchasing a home.

By the time the duo came to my house to tell me about any of this, they had already signed a HORRIBLE deal. Had they breached our contract? Yup. I released them.


Because some people are more enamored with living a dream than doing the work to transform a dream into reality.


1). Just because you did “big things” with someone in the past do not entrust them with something outside of their expertise.

2) If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Don’t try to accelerate the natural progression of success.

3). Where are they now? Not doing music.

4). When God gives you a dream ask him who can help it to become a reality. He gave it to you. Trust him.