What Do You Need?


Give From Lack

Sound counterintuitive?

Consider this: Fruit is always large than the seed.

When the widow fed Elijah from her last bit of food, she was blessed to overflowing.

Do you need money? Go make an intentional, anonymous gift to a person in need. I didn’t say give them your all. Like the widow SHARE what you have.

Need knowledge? Give some.

Want love? Show some.

If you think you have NOTHING to give, the thing you need most is a friend. Because true friends value you more than you know. And they will always remind you of the immeasurable joy the sound of your voice and your smile bring to their world.

Share what you have. Give someone else joy and see how exponential your reward will be.

If you think I always feel like writing encouraging words or helping others, you must not know about me. There are days when I want to find a cave and crawl inside Instead of finding a cave, I try to fill a need. And I am blessed because of it. Because I can’t control the reaping part. God does that. And for that, I am eternally grateful and repeatedly humbled. It’s why sick people often end up encouraging those who came to cheer THEM up.

Sprinkle some seeds today.



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