What Kind Of Car Do You Want?


“What kind of car do you want?” It was a simple question posed to me over 15 years ago. And while many of you have the answer on the tip of your tongue, I did not. “If you could own any car you want, what would it be?” I had never allowed myself to think about possibilities.

My first thought was how much money my bank account was overdrawn by. I was raised to believe it was a sin to acquire material things. I did not want to be materialistic. And since we are living “in the last days” why amass wealth.

My reasoning was:

1) God will supply my needs.

2) We won’t be on the planet much longer.

Wrong thinking set me up for financial ruin. God has and will ALWAYS supply my needs.

But what was Jesus’ parable of the talents about?

Financial investing, growth & stewardship.

Someone reading this has learned to accept menial.

Baby, you are better than that.

And you will NEVER have what you WANT if you can’t identify what IT is.

Am I materialistic? Nope. I relocated with two suitcases, leaving everything else behind.

Am I financially responsible? I am getting better at it day by day.

Do I know what kind of car I want? You better believe it!

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One thought on “What Kind Of Car Do You Want?

  1. Nilsa

    I love this! and guess what? I’VE ALWAYS KNOWN THE EXACT MAKE AND MODEL OF THE CAR I WANT….However, I didn’t think I could ever own it.
    Not me.I’m not in the right tax bracket or the right neighborhood to park it on the street or in a driveway.

    That was the old me. The new me not only realizes that as a child of the most high God I am worthy but that my Father wants to provide me with the desires of my heart.. I just have to trust him, believe and receive it in Jesus name.

    Thank you for the confirmation. 🙂


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