Leave Some Doors Open


We often hear “when one door closes, another opens.” Why do we feel the need to close so many doors? Wouldn’t it be nice to walk through an already opened door from time to time? How about letting others in after you, even holding the door for them?

I was a door closer by nature. When I am done, I close doors. In business, in relationships and in life. Once I changed my mindset, more doors not only opened for me, but were held open for me. I had to learn that not every door needs to be locked.

When I got my job at MTV, it appeared that in order for my door to open, the door was closing on the person I replaced. She never saw it coming. As much as I needed that job as a single mom, it hurt me to be replacing a brown woman who needed a job as well.

We cried together and got to know one another as she trained me. I told her that I believed that it wasn’t the end for her but a start of something new. I didn’t close the door on our relationship or count her out.

Today, she works with one of the most recognized names in entertainment.

Leave some doors open.

Others deserve a chance to walk through as well.

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