Shrink The Size Of Your But!


Shrink Your But“If you want to reach your goals you must shrink the size of your but.”

Anyone who knows me understands why this statement brings me SO much joy! I LOVE a good pun. Just as we work out in the gym or perform Being Mary Jane squats around the house and in front of the bathroom mirror while brushing our teeth, we should spend time working out that other but.

The one that prevents us from chasing our dreams and reaching our goals.

And just as it’s easy to find reasons not to work out while choosing to sit in front of the TV with Talenti and a big spoon, we often do the same instead of writing that blog post, crafting that email or finessing that resume.

Whatever that “but” is for you, shrink it and be determined to increase the size of your WHY.

When our why is bigger than our but, we are on the path to making great things happen!

Of course, when we believe what God says about all things being possible and truly lean on him to turn impossible into I’m Possible, our buts shrink significantly!

GET UP and work OUT those BUTS!!!