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I recently did a 24 hour shut in fast and during that time I received this word so strong that I was moved to tears. I shared it with a few people from my inner circle, and just a portion online. I don’t expect everyone to understand or be able to relate but I feel like many other women need to hear it in its entirety.

I hope it helps at least ONE person.

“My Daughters, why do you keep reducing yourself to standby when I would have you in First Class?

You stand by on the sidelines, hoping someone WILL NOT show up so you can slide into a position that was NEVER originally intended for you!”

Yes, you will arrive.

EVENTUALLY and at what cost? Who was up in First Class that was WAITING JUST FOR YOU?

Coach is nice if you just want to fly. But GOD flies without planes and soars above eagles, why are you flying standby?

First Class costs more, you must sacrifice, all of your friends can’t ride with you, it’s okay – the plane wouldn’t be filled without coach seats. And some may need to transition from standby to coach before even being served up in First Class. You DESERVE First Class where they KNOW YOUR NAME, no waiting in line and you can travel BAGGAGE FREE!! Why are you waiting in line and allowing STRANGERS to determine which ZONE you should be in?

RISE UP MY BELOVED because First Class is your rightful place. You will NO LONGER wonder if you will make the flight or RISE in this season. CLAIM YOUR FIRST CLASS BOARDING PASS!

Your finances are no longer in limbo. Your relationships are no longer in limbo. Your career, that book you are writing, that new business venture – they shall call you by your name with the dignity and respect you deserve! YOU JUST GOT UPGRADED TO FIRST CLASS! Stop being UNSURE of who you are and WHOSE you are! It’s TIME!


Someone reading this has been crying out to God “What about ME?” “When will it be MY turn?” Your turn for love, your turn for a platform, your turn to be recognized. You have seen people less qualified than you elevated or with opportunities that you KNOW are perfect for you and you sit in that quiet space in your heart saying “Why not ME?”

The reason is simply because you keep taking the cheap seats. You keep taking the easy way out. You prefer to fly standby instead of giving up a few trips to the nail salon, spa and a few bottles of wine to upgrade to First Class. You are comfortable flying standby, but God already has a seat for you up in the Premium Cabin. What is holding you back? Stop waiting for people to assign your seats. Step up to the plate – CHOOSE First Class and take your rightful place. Stop thinking you need to find a friend that works for the airline to get a hook up. God owns the sky and it is only with his permission that planes fly!

I know, because I’ve put myself on the standby list for far too long. I’ve been waiting for certain things to happen and folks to show up and present me with opportunities. Why? Because I felt inadequate for First Class until other people showed up and took a spot in First Class! How can I be mad when I am waiting to hear if I will even make it on the flight when all I had to do was purchase a First Class Ticket?

I decree 2016 to be the year of the First Class Woman. Shoot, I might even be a pilot!


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