RSS Feeds Are Your Friend and Here’s Proof


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When managing your brand across various social media platforms it can be difficult to constantly create fresh content.

One solution is RSS Feeds.

Because I have several brands, I can’t always post on the social media platforms connected to them.  While I am focusing on building one brand, another may suffer so I use RSS Feeds to keep content flowing on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Yesterday, my Facebook page posted an article from a media outlet concerning the return of a Soap Opera favorite.  I had no idea.  I set up my feeds to post at regular intervals and don’t always get to read what posts to my Social Media.  But, when my Facebook notifications kept going off, I had to take a look and here’s what I found:

General Hospital

Oh, and the page gained 14 new likes. Those “other” clicks?  Traffic to my website.

All on a page that only has 186 likes.

So what are you waiting for?

Get those RSS Feeds set up and reap the rewards!

Check back tomorrow when I will share with you how to identify which feeds work best for your brand and how to get RSS feeds set up.




One thought on “RSS Feeds Are Your Friend and Here’s Proof

  1. Nilsa

    Just yesterday, Google+ was asking if I wanted alerts sent to my RSS feed I didn’t know enough about it so, I said no. Your posts are timely and informative. Always a great read! Thanks.


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