Success Isn’t Easy


Some mountains are meant to be climbed.

On the path to greatness, we will encounter mountains.

Sometimes, as we are standing in front of a mountain and attempt to go around, we encounter another.

At some point to reach our destination either the mountain has to be moved or we need to climb it.

Of course, our first thought is that our faith can move the mountain.

What if God doesn’t want it moved?

What if he wants us to CLIMB the mountain?

Not every mountain will be cast into the sea.

Not every mountain is meant to be moved.

And we won’t have to climb EVERY mountain.

But, sometimes, we need to dig in and CLIMB!

Instead of asking HOW,  we constantly ask how long and why, wallowing in distress.

There are many people unjustly disappointed in God because they are waiting on him to move a mountain & he’s waiting for them to CLIMB it!

We all know someone who has gone from praising God to blaming God.

Many people are not hearing from God and assume he has left.

Nope. You aren’t listening.

There’s a message even in silence.

Many times we claim to be looking for the answer when all we want is a way OUT. We want the mountain cast into the sea.  Nope.

Too many of us are waiting on God and have missed his message because he’s not answering the way we WANT him to!

STOP looking at every mountain, expecting it to be cast into the sea.

STOP asking God how long that mountain is gonna be there while you sit on your hands!

GET UP in the silence!


God’s got your back.

If you slip a time or two TRUST him to pick you up!

Some people spend a lifetime standing in front of the same mountain, year after year, waiting on a “word”.

STOP thinking you need to always ask other folks what God is saying. ASK HIM!

If he doesn’t give you peace to know the mountain will be moved, in the silence he may be whispering the ONE WORD you need to hear:  CLIMB.