The Key To Evaluating Opportunities


Opportunity vs Op-poor-tunity

We are frequently presented with opportunities.  Some which we avail ourselves of and others we choose to opt out from.

At  times I have accepted something that presented itself as an opportunity only to have it manifest as an “op-poor-tunity.”

An opportunity is a favorable set of circumstances designed to put you in a position to derive benefit.

An op-poor-tunity is a set of circumstances that set you up to lose, often to the benefit of others.

What is the most important factor to consider when determining whether or not something is a real opportunity for us?

Value Proposition

What is the perceived value of the opportunity?

What can you expect to gain?

What will it cost you to derive gain?

Value is not always measured in financial terms.

Much as loss is not always measured in financial terms.

What appears to be an opportunity for me, may leave you drained of your resources and with a deficit.

By knowing what you want, setting realistic expectations and establishing your own value system, you will be ready to evaluate the difference between an opportunity and an op”poor”tunity.