Decoding Twitter: The One Analytical Tool You Should Be Using




As the owner of a Digital Advertising and Branding Agency, I must show results.  I present my clients with strategies and then compile analytics in post-campaign reporting.

Previously, I used several tools to measure the effectiveness of a Twitter campaign, sometimes even down to a specific tweet.  With the launch of Twitter Analytics my reporting process is much easier.

Let’s look at one tweet and see what data can be derived from this tool:

Overall Data:  This is information based on my Tweets for the past week.

Impressions refer to the number of times your tweet was display.  It does not mean that people actually saw your tweet and this number is not limited to unique viewers.


Engagement is based on the average times someone performed an action pertaining to your tweet.

Now, let’s look at analytics based on a single tweet.

Fox5NY Bobbi Kristina Error


As you can see, Twitter Analytics condenses the power of measurement into one application.

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