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I’ve recently become more active on LinkedIn.  Many people relegate to using it when they are looking for a job.  When I thought I was looking for a job, I reached out to someone who was an expert in addition to researching a ton of articles about improving my profile.  And then one day it happened.

Yup, I logged in to find that I had All-Star status!

With a maximized LinkedIn profile opportunities can come directly to you, instead of you looking for them.  In addition, it can help you establish credibility in your field. Think of your LinkedIn profile as your virtual pitch page for people you desire to meet with.

Here are 10 steps to maximize your LinkedIn profile and get you to All-Star Status.

1)  Customize your url.  LinkedIn Custom URL

As mentioned in my previous post about Branding, consistency is key especially when creating an online presence.  When you are logged into your account, there is an option to edit your url.  Customizing makes it easier for you to remember your profile url as well.

2)  Create your headline.

Because my pen name and writing brand is thatwritingchic, I have included it as my “former name” so that people will know they have reached the correct profile.   People who know me personally, are aware of my “government name” which I use professionally in my business and non writing related work.  Be sure to showcase your personality by giving a hint about your personality.

3) Detail your work history.


As much as I like to write, the thing I absolutely abhor writing about is myself. Don’t be afraid to make changes anytime you’d like. I have changed mine several times.  Ask someone to help if necessary and just as you would with a resume, have a few professionals check it out.

4) Link to Employer Pages.

When listing a former employer, chances are they have a LinkedIn page which includes their logo.  Use that to your advantage to showcase your work history.

5)  List projects.


If any aspect of your contribution to a project was significant, here is the place to feature it.  If there is an online link, even better.  When you collaborated with another person, if they are on LinkedIn, add them as a contributor.

6)  Build your skills list.

List Your Skills

Be sure to list skills that you actually possess, not those you desire to have.

7) Get endorsements.

Get EndorsementsAsk people whom you have worked with or have knowledge of your skills et to endorse you.  All they have to do is click a button.  Notice my top 10 skill sets. Those ranking highest are those I currently use most, however most people know me as a blogger, evidenced by the 41 endorsements in that area. With a quick glance a prospective client or employer can see how many people are willing to vouch for your skills.

8)  Showcase your passion.

Showcase Your HobbiesWhen I started to develop an online presence, I started writing for online outlets .  I worked on my passion while still working a full-time job. Highlight them, even if they run consecutively with your work history.

9)   Follow Influencers.

Get free insight from today’s top influencers in your industry.  Choose as many as you’d like.  Not only do you benefit from their knowledge but it shows that you are interested in improving and could highlight common interests with a prospective client or employer.

10) Edit, revise, update. Add new experience, accomplishments.

Check out my LinkedIn profile.

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If you want personal coaching on your profile or are interested in having me host a LinkedIn workshop for your business or small group, drop a line at thatwritingchic@gmail.com.


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