What About Your Friends?



Discernment in Relationships

When we contemplate our “circle of trust”, we should reflect on Jesus’ inner circle.

God gave him 12 to walk intimately with him.

He ministered to the world, but those who knew him best and he spent the most time with were limited to the 12.

He was not always together with of the 12 at the same time.

In fact, he spent some time alone  – away from everyone, including the 12.

And one of the 12 was a thief.

What about your friends?

Is there a Judas hanging out in our lives?

Consider some facts about Judas taken from Matthew 9:38 – 10:4:

1) He was an answer to prayer.

2) He was called by God to be one of the Twelve.

3) He was given the power to cast out demons and heal the sick.

Yet, he betrayed Christ.

Judas was entrusted with something valuable – money.

And it was his lust for money that caused him to betray our Lord and Savior.

Who is holding your money?

And by money I don’t mean finances.

Who have you entrusted with the secrets of your dreams which spell out your future?

Who is trying to bury you, ready to sell you out to the highest bidder?

If anyone in your circle has a Judas spirit of deception, greed, or lust for money why have you permitted them to stay?

Jesus did it in order that scripture might be fulfilled.

What’s your reasoning?

Surround yourself with those who have no hidden agenda, no ulterior motives and who don’t lust after money, power or greed.

Don’t fall victim by allowing those who pray WITH you to PREY upon you.

The Judas spirit may manifest itself under the guise of “doing the Lord’s work”.

God will allow people to enter our lives to teach us a lesson.

How long will it take for us to learn from them?

One characteristic of the Judas spirit is being remorseful of the consequences, not the sin.

When Jesus mentioned a betrayal, Judas responded with a simple question:

“It isn’t me, is it?” (Matthew 26:25)

When he became remorseful, it was too late. Why?

Because he sold Jesus out to people who had their own hidden agendas. (Matthew 27:3,4)

Watch out for the Judas spirit in your life.

Because if you don’t, just as with Judas, God will allow you to hang yourself.