Why “IF” is no longer in my vocabulary


Trust God

Insufficient Faith


When I trust God, I trust the outcome.

There have been times in my life when I’ve felt just like the man in the picture.


Stuck in a box.

With my stuff.

Standing in water.

With another storm approaching.

Oh, on the outside, I am cute!

Just like him.

Not a drop of water on his suit.

Not a hair out of place.

With my hands behind my back.

Refusing to ask for help.

That is what an IF season looks like.

Because when there’s an IF, there is uncertainty.

In the presence of a WHEN, things happen.

There is an expectation.

There is direction.

There is purpose.

And there is focus.

Step out of IF into WHEN.

Start declaring some things over your life.

Spend time with God so you can know what he requires of you.

And never weigh yourself down with the burden of Insufficient Faith.

Be sure.

Be VERY sure.

Trust God.

And trust the outcome.

No matter what you are standing in.


2 thoughts on “Why “IF” is no longer in my vocabulary

  1. It’s something I use to remind myself when times get tough. When my speech becomes full of “IF’s” it’s a reminder for me to dig into my faith deeper! Feel free to quote 🙂


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