You Are Not Forgotten


You Are Not Forgotten

Are you waiting for a phone call or email that seems to never come?

Has someone you met on your path to greatness seemingly forgotten you?

Joseph’s ascension to second in command makes one thing clear:

God ALONE sets the time for our dreams to come true.

Joseph tasked the people whose dreams he interpreted to tell Pharaoh about him. “Remember me…”

But, Pharaoh didn’t get the message.

That is, until God wanted him to.

 “What dream has God given to you that you are trying to place in the hands of others?”

God placed a dream in your heart and will fulfill it in due time.

He needs no help from you or anyone else!

When people forget in the flesh, it may just be that it is not time for God to deliver on his promise to you.

Don’t worry that you haven’t accomplished enough.

Don’t judge your progress by the next person’s.

You are standing today exactly where God wants you to be.

And just like Joseph, in God’s perfect time, he will make your dreams come true.