I Owe You An Apology. I’m Sorry…


@thatwritingchic Blog FollowersIf you are reading this post, it is about YOU.  Because this post is going to those who read my blog.

And I owe you an apology.

I’m a writer. I own a Digital Media Agency. I work on Television Shows. I do Public Speaking and conduct Workshops. Writing is who I am. All of that other stuff is simply what I do.

If you are a writer, please write. If it’s a blog, a book, a screenplay, don’t ever let yourself get so burned out that you don’t put pen to paper or finger to keyboard. I feel like I am alive again. Although I have found success in other areas of my life, I feel as if I was sleep walking through the past two years of my life. WRITE, WRITE, WRITE and WRITE some more.

And if you need help or encouragement, I am here for you. I will follow your blog, help you get set up with one, let me know how I can help. Because I don’t want anyone to EVER deprive themselves of what I deprived myself of for nearly two years: The ability to BE. I BREATHE WORDS. THEY ARE MY LIFE!

I want to share a testimony I put up on my personal Facebook yesterday with anyone who has stopped writing or hesitates to start and it’s about YOU.

46,500 reasons to keep writing.

This is for the person who feels their writing never impacts anyone and for every person who has signed up for this blog or not unsubscribed, even as it lay dormant.

In 2009 after I got laid off from MTV, I wanted to do nothing more than write. I started posting on Twitter and began some of the most prolific interactions of my life. People who knew nothing about me woke up looking for my tweets. People would pour out their hearts to me and reward my transparency with the blessing of trust by sharing their truths with me. They followed my career and many are still with me today and are amazing friends IRL.

I started a Digital Media Agency in 2013 and began slacking on my writing. I wasn’t tweeting Dear God every morning and I rarely posted on my blog. I even disconnected the notifications. I stopped live tweeting regularly. I wanted to write, but I failed to follow my own advice “Don’t let the day to day get in the way of your day today!” I neglected to make time for my first love and those who had supported me on my journey.

In December of 2014, I took a hiatus from Social Media and was honestly unsure that I would ever return back fully. When I returned just barely two weeks ago, I made a commitment to myself: I am going to do better. I thought I was done with this website, so I focused and revamped DearGodBook.com and included some new features on the site.

Then I came back home.

And as I tweaked this site, including pages about my books and put up my 1st blog post, it felt right.

More importantly, that post took me back to the heart of why I started the blog: Because I have things to say and God wants me to tell them in only the way that I can.

So I put up the first post a few days ago as a reminder that God called me to be transparent.

And when all of the tweaking was done and that post was up, I saw something:

So many of you never left me.

And so many more people joined me and I was oblivious.

I am sorry. I am honored that 46,450 people are following a blog that I had abandoned.

I promise never to leave you again.


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