Self Sabotage



It’s a word that we often associate with the actions of others.

Many have felt the sting of people trying to undermine their success, relationships and finances.

However, there are times that we thwart the calling to be great on our lives.

On 7/7/11, in a post entitled “No, No, No”, I wrote about Amy Winehouse and deemed her an example of self-sabotage.

Just 16 days later, Amy was found dead in her apartment.

As I prayed over what I should post for today, I felt strongly that some needs to hear this.

So here it is – scarcely edited as it was written BEFORE the death of Amy Winehouse.

Perhaps, it will prevent the death of someone’s dreams or even save a life.

“They tried to make me go to Rehab, but, I said, No, No, No…”

While Amy Winehouse may be the poster child for self-sabotage, one has to think how EFFECTIVE is self-sabotage REALLY?

Many readily recite the scripture “No weapon formed against you shall prosper” while enduring adversity.

But, what about weapons that we form against OURSELVES?

Isn’t that what self-sabotage is? An uncontrolled need to block our blessings .

Let’s look at Amy.

She’s undeniably a brilliantly talented recording artist.

Although she admits to having a drinking problem “I don’t ever want to drink again”, she REFUSED to go to rehab – therefore, the song.

Further in the song, she says “And it’s not just my pride, It’s just till these tears have dried…”


She won’t go to rehab because she KNOWS she’s hurting, although rehab is what will get her on the road to recovery and healing.

No weapon formed against you shall prosper.

Although Amy’s personal life seems to be failing miserably, her God-given talent has not.

Even if she NEVER sells another album, when people hear her music, they will KNOW that she is gifted.

Her self-sabotage is NO match for God’s gift in her.

What about us?

Self-Sabotage is NO match for God’s gift in YOU!

Self-sabotage is NOT a one-time occurrence.

Self-sabotage is a combination of thoughts, feelings, and actions that create a roadblock to your personal success.

The fact that the actions are repeated indicate that your attempt to sabotage has not worked!

No weapon formed against you shall prosper.

So many times we are on the brink of receiving greatness and without realizing it do something to stall God’s plan for us.

Keep in mind, that God’s plan for EACH of us has been made long before we were conceived.

WE just need to “catch up” to his timing!

Notice that EVEN with self-sabatoge, God’s plan for you NEVER CHANGE. He has ALREADY gotten ready what he has for you!

A plan of self-sabatoge will NEVER prosper – it’s a weapon that you have formed against yourself!

God will BLOCK the end result!

Through the cycle of self-sabatoge we DELAY what God has for us but he will never DENY us of what is waiting for us.

Today, join me in vowing to EVICT anything or anyone that would cause us to proceed at a snail’s pace towards God’s awesome plans for us.

Discover what you were created to do, the gifts God planted in YOU and let them flourish.

No matter how many times, you say No, No, No – God’s plan for you remains the same and he’s just waiting for your ONE yes!


Although I never knew her, I was always pushing for Amy.

There’s someone, somewhere who is silently observing your life and sees your potential.

You have people who value your gifts more than you do.