Baby Steps – One Day At A Time


Have you ever made a decision to STOP doing something, only for things to START moving in that direction?

It’s easy to become discouraged when things don’t go our way, especially when we’ve poured so much of ourselves into our work.

THEN, it happens.  An event, a conversation.  Something.

Just one thing is all it takes to re-ignite the fire under you.

And then you remember the reason you started from the beginning:  Because you wanted to.

I’ve recently had several moments like that.  A few times when I just wanted to STOP.  Just STOP everything.

Not give up on life, but, there are moments when I look at my life and think this is not where I had hoped I would be.

And then, I remember or am reminded:  It’s not about me.  My life is not about me.

It’s a very sobering thought, but, it’s true.  None of our lives are ever SOLELY about us.

If you have children, your life is about raising them to be productive adults so they, in turn, can impact society or their offspring for the greater good in some way.

If you don’t have children, your life is about making sure that you are walking out the purpose God created you for.

If you don’t, you will find yourself confused and lost, without focus or direction.

And yet there are some people who live a selfless life.  They are the Mother Theresa types – who dedicate their lives to others.


I think it’s the one thing that we ALL strive for, and while we might have it today, it can be gone again tomorrow.

It doesn’t take much to tip the scale on either side.

So, I’ve made a decision.

I will choose.  Yup, I will choose.

Simple choices:  Which phone calls I will take, which ones I will return.  Which e-mails I will read, which ones I will respond to.

Who I want to be with in my life and who I want to be without.

Balance has got to be one of the things I struggle with most.

And I’m going to start today and make sure that EACH morning I rise, EACH decision I make is a decision that will KEEP me balanced.

I shall strive not to tip the scales in either direction.

I have three articles to deliver and a ton of follow-up to do.  Guess what?

I am going to CHOOSE  to work from 10am until 4pm undistracted.  Why?

Because then I can balance out my day by doing what I want to do after.

Whatever isn’t completed will have to wait until tomorrow!

The world is not going to stop rotating on its axis…

Baby steps…they seem so simple, unless you’re just learning to walk again.


8 thoughts on “Baby Steps – One Day At A Time

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  2. Tracy

    First and foremost I would like to commend you on your choices and your will to keep moving forth. We all feel the need of balance and so often want to make the right choices; but in most cases choose to either give up or simply stop for the moment. I too struggle with balance in my life and often want to give up not on life but come to an hault from my surroundings. I often believe people are brung into other people lives for a reason; wether it being just for a moment or for a lifetime. I have known all my life that I have a purpose in my life and my purpose has always been to be there for people. I leave it in GOD hands to show me the way. I am not perfect by no means and continue to search and keep an open mind to all thing shown. Many things I’m going through and as I stated often wanting to give up. Then I run across people like yourself, that give is an eye opener and I find I am back on track. Its like when I pray and ask to be directed and shown, it is almost always answered. I wasn’t often on twitter but for some reason was getting a feeling to keep looking there. I originally was following tyrese, not just because I enjoy him as an entertainer but more so because his words were strong, and that I respect most. He then directed to follow you, and that was a CHOICE without knowing yor words of encouragement, strength and power of truth was awaiting. So, here I am saying thank you for choosing to dm me on twitter and sending me to your blog, for already I look forward (I choose) to hear your words of inspiration. Keep it up and keep it going, I’m definitely following! Have a blessed journey.


  3. Balance has been the topic of a few of my recent conversations. It is also something that I struggle with daily. And, I admit, I need daily reminders. Your post today was right on time!

    I want to say “Great job” to you for working toward balance in your life with the choices you consciously make.

    My goals for today:
    1. Slow down- my mind is racing, got a million things going through it
    2. Focus- I am pulling myself in so many directions that I’m actually not moving
    3. Write down my TO DO list- this will definitely help with the first two goals (pulling out the trusty pen and notebook!)
    4. Give myself a break- whatever does not get checked off the list today will have to be done tomorrow. NO BEATING UP ON MYSELF!

    Sis, I’m still walking with you. I’ve been letting the day to day get in my way but I’m regrouping to get back on track…. I have eight short months to get this book out but today…I regroup!

    Make it great!


  4. Great post. Sometimes we have to take things one minute at a time, but we always have free will which for me means choice. Choosing to stay in the vibration of love peace and joyi s a choice we can each make at any given moment


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