“Look at me..”.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written on this blog regularly.

“I am changing…”

But, it doesn’t mean that I have not been writing.

“Trying every way I can…”

I have been microblogging over on twitter.

“I’ll be better than I am.”

I have been working on my “Dear God” book series, based on things I have been writing since 2009.

And I  left my full-time job to launch a very successful digital agency in August of this year, amass digital.

“But I need you… I need a hand.”

Many of you have encouraged me in ways that you can’t imagine.

“I am changing…Seeing everything so clear…”

As my business continues to flourish, I need to focus on my greatest gift – writing.  It’s my first love. No amount of money can compare to the fulfillment I get from writing.

“I’m gonna start right now, right here.”

I’ve committed to blogging daily, even as I prepare my book series.

“But, I need you…I need a hand.”

Please join me over at

How many good friends have I already lost?

I feel a connection with my readers and I don’t want to take for granted that you look forward to my writing.

“Who said I could do it all alone?”

So please, join me over at the new blog and get the inspiration & encouragement that you’ve been missing.

And tell a friend!

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