THIS is 50…


THIS is 50...

Yesterday, I turned 50 years old.  Other than a number, I have no idea what that really means.

I suppose when I think back to what I would have pictured my life to be at this age, not one thing that I had imagined would exist for me now does.

I’m not a multi-millionaire.

I’m not celebrating my long-term marriage.

I’m not an international Super Model.

I’m not a world-renowned Fashion Designer.

I’m not the owner of a Record Label.

When I think about it in the context of where I expected to be, I realize that my life, THIS life that I have lived has never been about THINGS.  Heck, on more days than I can count, my life hasn’t even been about ME.

As I stand on the peak of 50, looking down over the scattered remains of all the years past, I can proudly look UP over the peak and see the years to come as each of those scattered puzzle pieces align to create a complete picture of my time on earth.

For every loss.

For every tear.

For every disappointment.

For every heartache.

I am TRULY thankful.

For every trial.

For every challenge.

For every failure.

I am stronger.

I am wiser.

I am better.

I have been refined.

I. AM. ME.

And for everything that I DON’T have:  I suffer no lack.

I have an ABUNDANCE of love, joy, happiness, peace & purpose:  things that all the money in the world can’t ever buy.