Who Cancels Their 50th Birthday Party? Me! Why?


Who cancels their 50th Birthday Party?

I did…And here’s why….

I’ve been blessed with an amazing life and this season is the greatest thus far. I know the BEST, BLESSED parts of my journey are yet to come. Walk with me and one day, we can all party til the WALLS COME DOWN. But for now, I have work to do. And I could really use your help.

I started my company http://www.amassdigital.com by winning a finalist spot in a contest before I launched. In case you haven’t already seen it, you can check it out here: http://bit.ly/ELEVATEBYFAIRFIELD.



Although I opened my business on August 1 of this year, while still working a full-time job until August 16th, I’ve been blessed with so many amazing opportunities that I have to cancel my 50th birthday party this year.

Suncera Laverne Meredith

But, there’s good news:

Well, I entered another contest and I made it to the 2nd round. Here’s proof: http://bit.ly/amassdigital2ndround

If I win, I get a TV commercial made for FREE which will air during Super Bowl 2014. Kinda crazy, right?

Well, I need your help to get enough votes to make it the next round. The next round is 20 people and then the next is down to the final 4. Here’s how it works: http://bit.ly/BIGGAMESTAGES.

So, if  you would be kind enough to click on that bright yellow vote button below – that’s it! You don’t have to give any info about yourself or sign up to an email list.

Imagine the Super Bowl party if (okay, WHEN) I win. Will you help me get there?

And if you so desire, feel free to share the link on your blog & social media. Heck, share it with your family & friends and maybe when you’re watching the big game you can tell the story of how you helped me get a commercial!

Each vote helps!  And I’ve made it SO easy for you to share, just click on the sharing buttons: you can email, tweet, put it up on Facebook – help a sista OUT!

No need to be shy, you can vote every day between now and October 13!





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