Today Is The Day….



Today is the day that I will commit to respecting the process. 

Today is the day that I will accept the criticisms about my life with a view towards the future, not the mistakes of my past.

Today is the day that I intentionally review each relationship in my life and decide the course it will take.

Today is the day that I accept the value of my gifts and rise to the challenge of completing the work that God started in me.

Today is the day that I must say good bye to some people, places, things, hopes and dreams in order to release the toxicity that would keep my soul tortured and poisoned.

Today is the day that the sun will break through and continue to shine, for I will see it even when the clouds sneak in to cover it & realize that just because there is a storm, the sun has never moved further away – it still rises and sets even when I cannot see it.

Today is the day that I step up as I step out in faith and explore the greatness that I have been called to, molded for and the purpose for which God commanded me to be born.

Today is the day I will make a decision to love those who are unlovable, even when I find that person is me, just as God would have me do.

Today I will see the beauty and God’s grace in the ugliest of things, even when the ugliness resides within me.

Today is the day that everything changes for me.

Today is the day that my life will never be the same.

Today I will hear, see, taste, smell and touch as never before.

Today I will exchange knowledge for wisdom clothed in discernment.

Today is the first of the best, blessed days of my life as I no longer wish the worst, cursed.

Today, I choose never again to settle for my mere best, trading it in for God’s everlasting blessed.

Today, I forgive every person who has every wronged me – even when I have wronged myself.

Today, I am whole because I choose to be.


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