Breaking Into Television: An Insider’s Guide

If you want to be in television or have friends who want to be, here’s the information you need.  This guide contains things that you won’t learn in school and answers questions such as:

1) Who does what on a television show?

2) What should I expect my first day on set?

3) When will I get to pitch my ideas?

4) Where are all the jobs in television?

5) Why is it so hard to break in?

Learn why nepotism is a NECESSARY component of the television industry and how you can find your way to the “inner circle”.

Why did I decided to publish this e-book?

1) I can’t mentor everyone.

2) I get asked how to break into television at least five times a day.

3) Because the more copies I sell, the sooner I can get a traditional book deal!

Find out why NOW is the best time to pursue a career in television production and how You Tube has opened up more opportunities than ever before to enter the world of television.  To learn more about the book and purchase your copy, visit the website:

And be a friend, pass on the link to someone you know who has always dreamed of having a job in television!  I did it and so can they!


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