Tweethearts :)


When I started my “300 Steps to Greatness”, I blogged pretty much daily. Then I dwindled to weekly and now my blog posts have been sporadic.

Is it because I’m too busy?


Is it because blogging is drudgery?


Is it because I have nothing to say?

Imagine THAT!

So, while I have been figuring out how to explain to my blog readers why I haven’t blogged, I found a post that while about me, wasn’t about me – but, explains EXACTLY why I haven’t blogged.

I’m in love with twitter.

I post Dear God prayers daily and then I “rant”.

Some people call it preaching. I call it ranting on about my thoughts and experiences, which is what I used to do in my blog.

I’m working on a way to convert them into blog posts, so that I don’t feel like I’m neglecting those who read my blog, yet are not on twitter.

In the meantime, enjoy this post by the woman who explains why I love twitter more than I ever could: Nya Monea aka @dualitydefined

And if you’ve never checked out twitter, you’re missing out.

Bet, you didn’t know that I revealed my natural hair in the picture above on Saturday!  But, my tweeps did 🙂

Bet, you didn’t know that I start working with Ish Entertainment tomorrow!  But, my tweeps did 🙂

Want to find out more?

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    A while ago almost a year now.. I was asked a question that I have decided to revisit once a year to mark my personal progress. A woman who on the highly loved twitter asked to her followers ” What is your brand? Who do you follow and rt? Many don’t know how powerful a tool twitter can be for the aspirations of living life. I was so thankful someone heard me,someone read…. to the beautiful God fearing and brave Writing Chic… Always thankful


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