Why I Will Say Yes, When You Ask Me to be Apart…


I’m a writer.

It’s what I was created to do and what flows through my veins with each pulse of my heart.

What you see above is the alphabet.  Quite obvious I guess.

But to me, it’s not just the alphabet:  It’s the BEST puzzle EVER created!

I look at letters and see words, sentences, phrases and STORIES.

The alphabet is so much more than just 26 letters composed of 21 consonants and 5 vowels.

Add to that the variety of punctuation marks and well, I get excited.

I’ve often recited the story of my first visit to the library.  I had NO IDEA there was a place that had SO MANY books.

Although she never had more than an 8th grade education, my mother taught me to read at a very young age and our home library contained these:

(Reader’s Digest bound volumes)

And these:

(Encyclopedia Britannica)

So please understand that while I’d hardly consider myself the most prolific writer or editor of the year, I’ve read a LOT of books, including the entire dictionary!

Yup, I’m a PROUD word nerd….

Therefore, although I do not hold a degree in Journalism, I’m challenged when I come across commonly misused words, especially by “award-winning” authors with Journalism degrees.

We all make mistakes.  I’ve often confused affect with effect, and because of my insecurities I look it up EVERY time I use either of the words.

I took the liberty of searching for the most comprehensive list of commonly misused words and found a few:

Commonly Misused Words

List of Commonly Misused Words

And I was surprised to find that my biggest pet peeve was on neither list.

I thought perhaps it’s because the lists refer to single words, not phrases. So I did a search for “commonly misused phrases”.

Commonly Misused Words and Phrases

Nope.  Not there either. *whispers either = or, neither = nor*

I’m no genius, so I KNOW I’m not the ONLY person on the planet who knows the difference, so I decide to do a search for the phrase itself:

“apart vs. a part”

According to google, I received:   “97,700,000 results (0.23 seconds)”

But this short post pretty much sums up why it’s my biggest pet peeve:

Apart vs. A part

So if you send a request for me to be APART of something, I will ALWAYS say yes, because I cannot allow my brand to be attached to yours and you’ve given me the EASIEST out possible, by requesting that I do so, albeit inadvertently.

And if you’re wondering why no one has signed up for that fabulous opportunity that you have asked them to be “apart” of, you might want to reconsider the message you sent.

Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it 🙂

Got it? Pass it on….