Go Ahead and Be Angry…


Guilty until proven innocent.

“I thought this was America people.”

Rarely do I use my blog as a forum to discuss major media events.  But, I just saw something on twitter that made me pause and it’s not the first time.

Ever since the Casey Anthony verdict came in, people, GOD-FEARING people have been expressing their opinion.

Many are outraged, but, at the end of the day, Casey Anthony can say to everyone:

“You can’t touch me. Tried to charge me, I’m not guilty.”

Although I have difficulty wrapping my head around Casey Anthony’s actions following the “disappearance” of her daughter, Caylee and many other statements, events, etc. if I’m going to maintain my standard of brutal honesty in all things I have to say publicly:

Casey Anthony was guilty until proven innocent.

Being a Paralegal,  I know that not guilty does NOT mean innocent, but, in the context of what Americans are taught about the justice system, Casey Anthony was crucified way before the trial started.

I respect the law and the legal process and I understand why the jurors let her go.  There was not enough REAL evidence and there was NO option for a lesser charge.  Had the prosecution given them the option of a lesser charge, there could have been the chance for a guilty verdict.  The case was highly circumstantial at best.

That’s difficult for me to admit, because, as a parent, I can’t see how a lot of things add up.  Casey’s a liar and got charged for lying.


I don’t feel that she should seek to profit from the death of her daughter, any more than ANYONE should seek to profit from the death of a loved one.

Why am I writing this?

Because I have seen “Christians” arguing with each other all over social media about the guilt, innocence and judging of Casey Anthony.

To my fellow believers in the body of Christ I say this:

1)  The bible says, “In your anger do not sin”[a]: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry. and James 1:19, 20 states:   “My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.”

I am angry.  I am angry because as a mother, if my children are missing for 30 minutes, I’m ready to call in every field of law enforcement.  My personal belief is that she KNOWS something.   I don’t know how Caylee died, but, I believe she knows something.  But, I wasn’t there – so what do I REALLY know?  I just know that I am angry.

And Casey has every right to utter these words:

“Tell me what y’all want from me, I’m not guilty.”

2) James 2:14-17 speaks of faith without works being dead.   It gives an example of someone who is in need and we merely wish them well in faith.  That’s the equivalent of praying FOR someone, yet refusing God’s call to be the ANSWER to another’s prayer.

We know all of the scriptures about God being judge over all, vengeance is his, etc. – but, why are WE, God’s people letting this cause division among the body?  Because we have allowed the enemy entry.

Why not focus on Caylee?  Are you even aware that there is a movement for “Caylee’s Law?”  It’s a law that would make it a crime for parents not to report their children missing within a reasonable amount of time.  Casey wasn’t convicted for that – there’s no law on the books as of now.  So, why not direct your anger towards making something of importance happen?

When you get mad at Casey Anthony, think of Caylee and then read the entire book of James, it’s sure to make you think clearer!