Brand New Day!


Thanks to @marina0111 on Twitter for the inspiraton.  This was my first blogpost ever – originally published on 11/12/2009 and again in April of this year – but, I needed the reminder for myself!

Everybody look up!

Those of you who follow me on twitter know that I like to keep things positive! The purpose of this blog is to foster the spirit of creativity of every writer regardless of genre or form. I believe it is an essential component of maintaining happiness in the pursuit of your career.

I wrote my first poem in kindergarten. I got in trouble in class for talking (yes, I do a lot of that!) and my punishment was to write a paragraph about myself. I wrote a poem called “Me” and my principal liked it so much, that it was placed in the school newspaper!

Thus began my love affair with writing.

Shortly after, I visited a library for the first time. I quickly gathered up as many books as my tiny arms could carry, dropping a few along the way and ignoring the “shhhhhh” each time a book fell! When I FINALLY made it to the librarian’s desk she struck a blow.

Librarian: You are not going to read all of those books.

Me: Yes, I am.

Librarian: You are not! You are only allowed one book at a time.

Me: But, that’s not enough for me.

Librarian: You are not going to read more than one book a week.


Librarian: I’ll make a deal with you. Pick the one you want to read the most. Come tell me about what you read, and I will let you take another out.

Me: I’ll be back tomorrow.

I went home that day with a skip in my step and determined to prove the librarian wrong. The book I chose was “Where The Wild Things Are”! I went home and told my mother that I wasn’t feeling well so I could skip doing my chores and I got in the bed and READ! When my mom turned off the light in my room, I sat on the floor next to the window and read by the street lamp.

Needless to say, I finished the book!

Thus began my love affair with reading!

During my first year of High School, I wrote a short story called “Never Enough”. My teacher was so impressed she wanted to enter it into a writing competition, however, I was raised in a very strict household and my mother forbade it.

During my last year of High School, my family went to see “The Wiz” starring Michael Jackson and Diana Ross. After seeing the dance scene from “Brand New Day” I began crying (my friends know I STILL get emotional telling this story)!

My Mom: Why are you crying?

Me: I should have BEEN there!

My Mom: What do you mean, you want to be an actress or dancer?

Me: NO! I should have BEEN there to help make it. I know they had so much fun MAKING that and I should have BEEN THERE!

This line should say, thus began my love of production. But, the truth is, I had no idea what production was.

Hence the purpose of this blog! I went on to pursue careers in the fields of modeling, music management, as a paralegal and many others. While I enjoyed the process, my desire is to share my knowledge with you and assist you in your journey.

I have been fortunate to find that THING that makes me tick. That THING that God has so deeply imbedded in my DNA that I can’t live without. That ONE THING is writing!

Whether on the set of a production, creating a new TV show, formulating interview questions, working on my novel – not a day goes by that I don’t write and I have many folks to thank for that!

I dedicate this blog to the memory of John E. Johnson, President of American Screenwriters of America, whose last words to me were “Go get your Emmy!” John, I can’t wait to receive the first one, which I will accept in your honor!

While I am working on my Emmy, it is my desire to help foster the spirit of creativity in writers by providing helpful resources to guide you through your journey. It is my hope that you will find this blog informative, insightful and that each time you read it, you will be encouraged to continue writing.

Can’t you feel a brand new day?


4 thoughts on “Brand New Day!

  1. Wowwww.

    This was the CUTEST blog wrapped up in the most sincere and humble inspiration that I did NOT expect: precocious little determined something that sounded all too familiar to me.

    I truly believe everything that you said in your blog-just as I believe (and appreciate) the sunshine, objectivity, sincerity and bravery in your morning Twitter posts-especially yesterdays…

    It feels good to have finally connected with someone [who truly loves writing and is doing something about it] online throughout the slush pile of “I am here for: networking” claims that run amok on various online “networking” sites. LoL.

    I look forward to observing and learning from your experience and expertise’ going forward.

    RevRunWisdom (via Twitter) said it best today: “You are now rocking with the blessed.”

    What a blessing and a brand new day-for me as well. 🙂

    Angela Sherice.


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