Day 85 – 300 Steps to Greatness


When I was kid, I thought this toy was one of the greatest things around.

“Weebles wobble, but, they don’t fall down.”

As an adult, I realize that toy holds the key to life.  Wobble, but, don’t fall down.

If you read my tweets, you will see that I pray early every morning.  Not just for myself, but for others as well.

If you know me personally, you know that prayer is an essential component of my existence.

No matter what is happening in my life, I pray.  Good or bad.

We must not question the good Lord.

I realize that not everyone believes in God.

I realize that not everyone believes in the power of prayer.

I do.

Several years ago, I got sick.

I got really sick and I needed surgery.

I was commuting from NJ to NY on a daily basis.

My doctor said the commute could kill me.

The surgery would save my life.

I told my employer I needed to have surgery and began preparing for it.

Later that afternoon, I was called into my supervisor’s office.

My illness was considered a pre-existing condition.

The insurance would not cover the surgery.

Have faith in God and trust his word.

Tearfully, I went to my local welfare office and applied for Medicaid.

I knew my application was rejected when I heard the supervisor go into the back and laugh amongst her co-workers.

“She makes more money than me.  How is SHE asking for help?”

We don’t know how, we don’t know when.

I prayed.

Each day I went without surgery, was another day I could have died.

I went home, defeated.

We must not question the good Lord.  Have faith in God and trust his word.

I got a phone call from my job, asking if I could possibly come in to work the next day.

They had found a way for me to have my surgery and I needed to sign some papers.

I won’t go into the details of how it was worked out.  But it was.

Guess what?

In addition to being able to collect disability during my recovery, my job gifted me one month’s salary  so that I would have no worries.

That’s how he works.  That’s how the good Lord, he works.

I have many testimonies.

I’m looking forward to many more.

This I know:  Times are tough.

Being self-employed in an unpredictable industry is not easy.

Payment is never guaranteed and deals fold as quickly as they are laid on the table.

Raising a young man as a single mom kicks me in the butt DAILY.

But, this I know.

God is good.

And I will continue to pray, in the good and bad – because I know HE HEARS AND ANSWERS MY PRAYERS.

STAND ON THE WORD!  You might weeble, you may even wobble, but, he will NEVER let you FALL.


7 thoughts on “Day 85 – 300 Steps to Greatness

  1. As always, I loved the blog! It is so real and evident to those who have really trusted Him and had no where else to turn. I’ve learned instead of trying Him last (when all help is gone); I try Him first and put my faith in Him ALONE!! (A lesson I had to learn the hard way) However, it is amazing that you talked about the weeble wobble toy because in my latest blog I talked about how a counselor told me I was like a “weeble woble toy”, and I never knew what it was. May God continue to bless your journey and all you do.


  2. Praise God! I thank God I seen this because it’s encouraging to hear and see how the Lord blesses someone. I need and am learning to STAND on the Word of God regardless of good or bad. It’s not easy…the road may be hard…But we have strength thru Jesus Christ. I pray many are blessed by this. God bless you in Jesus name.


    • Yes! God is real and prayer does work. I’m a walking testimony, and my life is far from easy – but, I’m happy. I walk with F.ull A.ssurance I.n T.he H.eart that God has my back – no matter what it looks like or feels like. Thanks for sharing!


  3. GREAT blog!
    Suncera “God” is that “thing” or entity where I feel whether people believe in “God” or not, if you replace the name [or word for some] “God” with: “karma,” “chance,” “happenstance,” “the Creator,” or whatever you wish to: you cannot get away from the fact that whether you subscribe to God, Universal Law or neither, the fact still remains that you’re either going to be held accountable for ethical and moral law or Man’s law.
    That being said- “you’gon’ bow down” and though for some, it may not be on your knees; the fact still remains that: at some point in life, you will bow down or be brought to down to them-trust me, this I KNOW is true…
    I love to read about your triumphs.
    I appreciate your sharing.
    I appreciate your faith.
    I appreciate your morning prayers-regardless the time of day I am receipt of them.
    Whether your readers believe in God or not-they cannot be denied.
    Keep it going.
    Thank you.


    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts! The BEST thing about prayer is that it is not restricted by TIME! Whenever the prayer is uttered, no matter when delivered, it is still effective!


  4. It must be thrilling to observe what is going on around us and be the person to wise us up to the reality right there.As before, I found your thoughts to be quite stirring.


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