Day 84 – 300 Steps to Greatness



No matter how much we get, we always seem to want more.

I have yet to meet a person that has said “I think I will stop working today, because the thought of making any more money is driving me crazy!”

Even when retiring, the hope is to have money that is still in someway generating MORE money.

Because we live in a world where money is a necessity, too often we focus on MAKING the money and not HOW we are making it.

Are you working to live or do you LIVE to work?When speaking with anyone about their career goals, my first question is:  What is that THING that you would do for FREE if you knew that all of your bills were paid and you never had to worry about money?

Many times, people haven’t thought about it, because, they are focused on the MONEY.

I wrote my first poem in kindergarten as a punishment by the principal.  His secretary told me I was too smart to do stupid things.  The name of the poem was “Me”.  Although I can’t remember the exact words, I do know I chose that subject because I wanted the principal to know that I was not such a bad person after all.

The poem got published in my elementary school newspaper.

The next time I wrote something that got me praise was in Junior High School.  I wrote a short story called “Eight is Never Enough”.  It was about a woman who kept adopting needy children.  While my teacher told me that the story was great, no one even mentioned to me the possibility of becoming a published author.

So, I pursued modeling, a career in the music industry, became an Administrative Assistant in every industry known to man, and then quite accidentally, ended up being a Producer/Editor in Television.

When the economy bottomed out, I found myself not only unemployed, I was unemployable.  For the first time in my life, my skill set was a hindrance and not an advantage.  ”You’ve worked for a television network, why would you take a job as an Assistant?”  ”We couldn’t interview you, you’re overqualified!”

No one cared that my bills needed to be paid or that those government extensions on unemployment were soon running out.

So, I stopped looking for a job and started looking within me.

What is that THING that you would do for FREE if you knew that all of your bills were paid and you never had to worry about money?

I called it the art of re(creation).  Not just recreating myself, but, having fun doing it.

First, I created an internet radio show.  I called upon my relationships in the entertainment industry to obtain guests.

Then, I got engaged in social networking.  Twitter and Facebook primarily.

Although I didn’t get a paycheck from either, I worked just as if I did.  I set deadlines and goals for myself.  More importantly, I was doing that THING that I would do for free:  Be Creative and helping others in the process!

Then, through one of the many Facebook groups that I joined, I got a job in television.  I begged my way onto the set of “The Celebrity Apprentice”.

Work dried up again.

I finally reached out to several people, attaching the most prolific copy of my resume imaginable.

The one response that mattered most was “you already have everything you need to make money.  Use your knowledge of the entertainment industry.”

Yeah, right.

What I NEEDED was a paycheck.

It took a while, but finally I listened.

Last month, I got the largest payment to date for my radio show (not a HUGE amount, yet significant) and now I am booking work over the phone.  Literally, I get phone calls and don’t even have to interview.

If you currently find yourself among the “unemployable”, there might be a reason.  Pull out the manuscript or draft that has been sitting in the closet.  Tap into that THING that you would do for FREE and watch what happens when you start living up to the purpose you were created for!

This is not just about recreating yourself, but, it’s about the art of recreation.  Having fun while you’re doing it!

Don’t know where to start?

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  1. Great Blog! Inspiring & true. In everything I have done I have naturally developed relationships with people. However, in this new chapter of my life, it is new territory and I didn’t no anyone to build relationship with; but the Holy Spirit told me to open a twitter account (which I tought I would never do). However, I have met you and I am grateful for the relationship (even if it is over a time line and a blog page)!!


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