Day 78 – 300 Steps to Greatness



I’m not talking about the kind that TV shows are made of.

I’m talking about the kind that clouds your judgement and impairs your ability to think clearly.

It’s often been said that you can tell a person’s mental state by looking at their surroundings, i.e. their workspace, bedroom, car, etc.

Lately, I’ve been inundated with a lot of projects.  I took on another one late last night and immediately decided that I won’t take on anything else, until I have relinquished or completed something else.

One of the things that I became quickly aware of was my need to declutter.  Not paper, not my bedroom.  My cyberworld.

I started by removing myself from Facebook groups that I forgot I even signed up for. I started with 58 groups and reduced that list to 16 groups.

I realize that I have been supporting a lot of groups, but, the time has come for me to support myself and make my advancement a priority.  Reducing the amount of groups I belong to allows me to focus SOLELY on those things that will help me directly achieve my goals.

It’s almost like buying a size 10 wardrobe, when you are a size 14, so that you will have it when you get there.  LOSE the weight first – THEN purchase the other size.  Today, I’m renewing my commitment to myself to declutter my mental and emotional spaces and Facebook was just the beginning.  As I progress into other steps of greatness, then I will REPLACE or EXCHANGE groups for those I currently belong to.

In addition to breaking out the websites (still in progress), I need to organize each of my undertakings and allow them to function independently, yet congruently.

I’ve decided to make sure that THIS blog is dedicated to help us all achieve greatness and will now make the commitment to having a guest blog post featured each week.  It will remain on the front page for the entire week that it is featured.  Featured posts will run from Sunday to Saturday of each week.

Decluttering will take some time, but, my goal is to do some each day and it will eventually get done.

On the decluttering list:

E-mail address book

Telephone numbers

Twitter account followers

Computer File clutter

My goal is to reduce the amount of social media, e-mail, etc. so that I can better focus on priorities.

Next up:

Setting Priorities….


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  1. Yay!!! Glad your moving forward, glad your writting, glad your posting!!!Can’t wait to see my blog on your page as one of the guest blogs! Truly a privaledge to be honored in such a way by a talented DIVA like yourself!! Exciting stuff!!


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