Important Site Update Information


It’s finally happened.

My blog has gotten too big for its own britches.

The path to greatness is paved with many great intentions, but, I’m learning that the balancing act does not become any easier.

I’m currently transitioning some of the content from this blog to another site – as I think it’s best that I separate the entertainment industry part of my life from the inspirational part.

Once the transition is complete, I will post entertainment items and updates about my radio show “Musings Of A Muse” on the new site ONLY.  If you are currently subscribed to this blog, you will need to subscribe to the new blog in order to receive any of my entertainment industry related posts. The subscription link is on the bottom of the homepage of

I will cross-reference links between the two sites as well.

This site will be expanded to include more guest posts and to highlight those who inspire me the most on my journey to greatness.

A word about subscriptions:  Although I am not always successful, for the most part, I blog or add content to either or both of these sites daily.  A subscription will ONLY notify you if there is new content on the site.  I will not keep your e-mail address for personal use or send you spam. Once you subscribe, you can dictate how often you want to be notified of updates.

Thanks so much to each of you for your continued support.  I appreciate the time you invest into my work.


Suncera aka That Writing Chic