Behind the Tweets: Love & Hip Hop, the Reunion Show!


The taping of the Love & Hip Hop Reunion Show was all the way turned up!  After attending, I immediately checked out twitter and this is what I found:

The show host, Angie Martinez tweeted:

Trust me, it was nothing short of a three hour TOUR!

As of now, neither Chrissy nor Jim Jones have tweeted since the taping.  I will just say that their time on the Reunion show was “bittersweet”.

Yes, Olivia’s team lost – BIG TIME!

First, Emily perhaps inspired by her Nicki Minaj themed outfit, blasted Olivia as a liar and ripped into her colder than any December than I’ve ever known.

Then, Somaya Reece gave new meaning to the phrase “Vagina Monologues” as she sliced the words of Olivia’s manager Rich to shreds, prompting him to walk off the stage, followed by this tweet:

I’m still trying to figure out why he apologized to the Museum of Modern Art publicly (MOMA). *sigh*

(Click here to get a preview of the reunion show as Somaya clearly enunciates VAGINA!)

Although she was clearly the winner, Somaya didn’t gloat:

Watch the reunion show on Vh1 Monday, May 16 at 8:00 pm EST and then join me 9:30 pm EST LIVE,  for a special episode of “Musings of a Muse!” as Somaya Reece talks about what REALLY happened behind the scenes.  We will be joined by other callers who witnessed the three hour taping and will give you an EXCLUSIVE insider’s view on the REALLY REAL of what happened

Love Hip Hop Reunion – What you DIDNT see 05/16 by That Writing Chic | Blog Talk Radio.

Can’t wait?  Click here to find out the top 10 things to look out for on the reunion show!


5 thoughts on “Behind the Tweets: Love & Hip Hop, the Reunion Show!

  1. Well I just like to say I can understand Emily being hurt the way Kim told her about her and Fab connecting…. but honestly Fab was absent since day one…. wasn’t there a rumor that he had a baby on the way…. she is quick to hate Kim but how mad were you at the dog you was crying and begging to be with???? While he was your only you were just a number…. Shit you should have known it wasn’t about you when he didn’t even want to be on the red carpet with you…… Please your girl Olivia spotted him with different chicks… that’s why they came out with that movie I guess he’s just not that into you…… Olivia needs to give it a rest talking about her and Somaya are not on the same level…. she is right…. Olivia aint on no level….. Her hit December.. October whatever it was its over….. Also didn’t she make up a fake relationship??? Like she was dropped like a hot potato but maybe she was just in denial until Emily let the cat out of the bag…. So what that Somaya aint where Olivia thinks she should be…. I like Somaya she is a fighter and she does just like the stars do…. even if what you are doing something goes wrong keep on girl like you didn’t even notice it….. Nancy ….. I love your song…ha ha…… I am so disappointed in Chrissy:(…… She is miserable because Jim has not married her yet so she just is unhappy…… She is causing a lot of conflict in Jim Jones life…. Almost messed up his relationship with Santana….. His manager should drop him….. Yes, Yandi do not put up with his crap…. Like you said yall came in on business and that is how it is gonna be……. So if he mad he should get that money from Chrissy…….. Bottom line because of her and her actions they are out of money……. She just needs to stay in her lane….. She purposely starting hating on Somaya…….. she is the reason why Jim didn’t do music with her because he was….. Chrissy needs to get a job or just do something and stay out of the studio and the music business because she is a fiancee of a rapper……..


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