Day 72 – 300 Steps to Greatness


Most people who know me have heard me say one time or another “Sometimes in order for God to enlarge your territory, you need to tighten your circle.”

I realize that not everyone is like me.  Heck, I wasn’t always like me.

The older I get, the more like me I get and frankly, the more I like me!

Previously, I felt guilty when I ended a relationship with a friend.  I don’t anymore.

Maybe I’m getting old, but, lately I feel the FREEDOM to choose.

I feel the FREEDOM to say yes to what I want and do what is necessary to get it.

I feel the FREEDOM to say no to what I don’t want and to keep it moving.

I feel the FREEDOM not to feel obligated to return a phone call, respond to an e-mail, text message or FB post.

In the process, I’ve learned that people will try to guilt you along the way, but, here’s the harsh TRUTH:

You don’t need the support of everyone.

You ESPECIALLY don’t need support that comes at the price of your freedom to choose.

Now, some people CHOOSE to enlist the support of many and have grown accustomed to the emotional slavery of draining relationships.

Not I.

Doesn’t mean that I’m selfish, but, is DOES mean that I’ve decided to make MYSELF a priority.

I think that once you have gotten to KNOW yourself and what you REALLY want in life & are on a course to making all of that meet your purpose, you make different choices.

Don’t be in bondage people.

I don’t care if it’s someone you’ve just met, someone you’ve known since high school, diapers or your own family.


You are NOT being selfish, you are doing the MOST IMPORTANT thing that will make or break your success:


Sometimes, when people tell you it’s not all about you, you need to let them know that they are sadly mistaken.

I’m taking 300 Steps to Greatness and have made an amazing discovery:  NOT EVERY ONE WANTS TO BE GREAT!

Some people are happy with life as usual. I AM NOT!

That’s why I chose to “walk away from the 97 percent.”

What will YOU choose?

Thanks to @iluvblackwomen for sharing this video on Facebook today!


One thought on “Day 72 – 300 Steps to Greatness

  1. I think this is real talk and very needed! This is a lesson that I had to learn and am, honestly, still learning. I have always carried my family and a burdens of sustaining friendship, but when I heard TD Jakes preach on the gift of good bye… GIRL! I got it together and started letting people just walk out of my life and quit trying to guilt trip me (like you said). And it is FREEDOM!


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