Day 69 – 300 Steps to Greatness


I had conversation with a friend yesterday.  Apparently people don’t like it when I say no to them.

I’ve learned to not be as affected by it as I was in the past, but, when ever I say NO to someone, I’m always left to wonder:

Why do people respond so much differently to a YES than a NO?

You:  Can you look over something for me?

Me:  Yes.

That response would typically be followed by a thank you.

What happens when we exchange a three letter word for a two letter word?

You: Can you look over something for me?

Me:  No

You: Why?


Why does no require an explanation and yes does not?

Why is it that when someone says yes to a request, no one cares about why they said yes, only that they said yes?


When someone says no, we feel OWED an explanation about a no?

I suggest this:

If someone says no to you, accept it.  Just as you have the right to say no to someone, they have the right to say no to you.

If they are generous enough to explain the no to you, accept the answer.

If not, understand that they have every right to say no to you and love them just as much as you did when they said yes!