Day 67 PM – 300 Steps to Greatness


So, as discussed in my last post (Day 66) it seems that God will send confirmation, just as you’re about to give up!

I finished my three articles today and was immediately asked if I’d like to write two more! I accepted and attempted to get some “house” work done (btw, why are dishes, cooking, cleaning, etc. considered house work even though they are done in your home, just like school assignments that are termed “homework’ which may not even always be done in the home)? I digress….

I then got dressed for Tyrese’s book signing in Harlem and while walking to the bus stop I began to silently pray.

I began thanking God for all that he is revealing to me and exposing me to and for being a constant source of joy and peace in my life. I thanked him for always loving me enough to tap me on the shoulder or give me a nudge when I need it most. I thanked him for undisturbed time alone and for all of the things that matter most.

Then my cell phone rang. I got a call to work on a huge network show filming close to home starting next week. YES 🙂
DON’T GIVE UP…you are closer than you can imagine.

Baby steps, one day at a time!

God is awesome!


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