Day 65 – 300 Steps to Greatness


Can we talk?

This is for anyone, but, especially for my creatives – I need your help.

Do you ever feel like you have ADD while you’re working?

I was speaking with a friend earlier today and I mentioned that the hardest times for me to write are when I’m transcribing an interview from audio.  The reason is because I normally write to music.

When an interview is from an audio file, I can’t focus on listening to the audio and music at the same time.  However, when I am “free flowing”, just writing an article from research or my head and want to really tap into my creative flow, I find a song that motivates me at the time.  It’s not always the same song and it usually depends on what it is that I’m writing.

The other problem is, that I always need to be working on more than one project at a time.  I’m sure part of it is natural as a freelancer, because you must constantly find ways to generate revenue in lieu of a weekly paycheck.  However, I’m now writing for three blogs and one of them three posts a day – shouldn’t that be enough for me, in addition to the work that actually pays me something?

Also, when someone calls to ask my opinion about something, why do I have to give them an idea?  Why can’t I just give them an answer?  So much of creative work is not a simple yes or no – but, my challenge is that more often than not, I get asked questions that prompt an idea in my head.  Too often, because I author the idea, the person receiving the opinion will want to “attach” me to it.  Because I am a creative, once the idea is in my head, I am driven to make it happen.  Sigh.

I think what I REALLY need is a remote control for my brain.  Can anyone suggest ways to pause, rewind or even STOP?


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