Day 63 – 300 Steps to Greatness


This morning I awakened to the birds chirping and tonight we are expecting snow. Is it REALLY Spring?

Lately, the weather reminds me of life. Sometimes it appears as if when you are on your way to wonderful opportunities, an unexpected winter storm comes out of nowhere.

One minute it’s wonderful and the next thing you know, the temperature drops drastically. It’s freezing out and that walk in the park you took less than 24 hours ago doesn’t seem like a good idea this morning. In fact, you would be happy if you could just make it past the snow and cold to the corner store.

No matter the season in our life, no matter how many storms appear in the midst of spring, remember this: Each day has it’s own worries. Leave them to God and know that there is another day of sunshine on its way.

I’ve been procrastinating on two writing assignments and I need to get them done today to remove the pressure, release them and to allow new creative energy in my life.

Let’s make this the day to get something DONE that we have been dragging our feet on – so we can let it go and move past it!

Blessings to all.

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