Day 62 – 300 Steps to Greatness


Is Spring here yet?

Whatever the reason, Spring seems to be the season for relationships to bloom and in celebration, I’ve decided to have a matchmaker on my show as a guest!  Yeah, yeah, yeah – I’m VERY serious about my dating goal this year – LOL!

I met Paul Carrick Brunson on twitter @onedegreefromme and he’s the first PROFESSIONAL Male African-American Matchmaker in the U.S.  He’s also a life coach and started his work, interestingly enough after mentoring children from single family homes.

His goal is to start early in the dating process to help people develop a firm foundation so they will be less likely to divorce, resulting in less single parent homes.

The show will air LIVE 1pm on April 1st, and you can listen online here or you can dial in to 347-989-8316.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here or email them to me ( and I will ask anonymously on the show.  You can then listen to the archived show after it airs if you are not able to join us live.

For my writers – here’s something you might be interested in:

Script Frenzy!

It’s a challenge to complete 100 pages of scripted writing during the month of April.  It could be a screenplay, a television series, short film or even graphic novel.  The great part is that there are no fees and EVERYONE wins.  Your work is not judged, and everyone completing the 100 pages gets STREET CRED:  a certificate and a badge to place on your website saying that you completed the 1oo pages.  Even if you don’t finish the 100 pages you get recognized for your efforts.  So if you’ve ever had a screenplay, television show or any semblance thereof hiding in your brain, now is the time to set it free!

Click here to sign up!

I’m hoping that you are being kind to yourselves and remembering to take some time to check your goals.  What worked for you yesterday, might not work today.  It’s always okay to adjust based on what your needs are.  Don’t be overly critical in perceiving your own success or failures, resulting in self sabatoge or a defeatist attitude.

You are ABLE!

Taking some time to laugh and smile.  This video might just help you!  Nothing like the laughter of babies to brighten your day 🙂