Day 61 – 300 Steps to Greatness


First of all, my interview with Eric Williams, the cast, creator & director of his new reality series “Generation Next” was moved to 7pm EST tonight. You can set a reminder here!

Life got in the way…..momentarily.

However, I have awesome news to report….

I have reached my weight loss goal!

Ironically, when I stopped thinking so hard about it, it became easier.  Instead of talking about it so much, I just DID it!

Today, I want to share a few things that I learned and applied that might help you with similar goals.

1.  Throw away the scale.

I didn’t get on a scale one day.  I don’t even know how many pounds I’ve lost and I don’t really care.  I know my clothes fit differently and I can fit into clothes that I haven’t been able to in a while.  My body feels good!

2. Get rid of temptation.

Don’t buy high fat snacks or the foods that take you over the edge.  Find a healthy alternative, but make it something similar to what your comfort food is.  I’ve replaced regular potato chips with brown rice chips.  Not only do I not eat as many as I would if they were regular chips, I’ve grown accustomed to them, so it’s not a struggle to walk past my old friends in the grocery store.

3.  Change the size of your plate.

Use a salad plate to serve yourself food.  It will contain more than enough food for you and once you get used to knowing that the end of the plate is it, you won’t be able to eat a large plate anymore.  We have long been taught wrong values in relation to serving sizes.  You’d be surprised at how many servings are on a “regular” sized plate.

4. Supplement your meals with snacks.

It really does work!  To make sure I get my daily requirement of fiber, I often eat an apple at least 30 minutes prior to lunch or dinner, and alternate with a Fiber One bar.  The fiber from both of these will expand in your stomach and when you are ready to sit down and eat, your stomach won’t require as much to get full.

5.  Drink lots of water.

I start every morning with a bottle of water.  It will naturally help you eliminate excess waste and eventually waist as well!

6.  Learn what works best for YOU!

I gave up trying to stick to a regularly scheduled exercise regimen.  The creative in me is just not disciplined in that area.  What works best for me, is advice from my friend who served two tours in Iraq and is now training for the police academy.  I do lunges, crunches, etc. when I feel like it.  Instead of shooting for 20 or 30 reps a few times each, I started out slow.  10 reps of each at different times throughout the day.  I don’t have a maximum or minimum.  The fact that I get exercise at all – is key.  I’m not training for the Olympics or to be a Body Builder!

7.  I’m not a medical doctor and this might not be for everyone, however, I recommend jump starting your weight loss with a cleanse.  I have done many cleanses in the past – Master Cleanse, a 30 day pill popping cleanse from a box, but, I’ve found a product that I feel actually works well and makes more sense.  It’s a 48 hour cleanse and you are able to eat while doing it – however, you should limit your intake to simple grains, fruits and vegetables during that time, which actually sets the tone for you to being eating healthy if that is challenging for you.  I won’t mention the product, because they aren’t giving me a check to promote them, but, if you’re interested, hit me up via e-mail to discuss!

Today my goal is to attempt to organize my week and then spend the day taking care of mommy responsibilities.

Have an AWESOME day – you have greatness in store!