Day 60 – 300 Steps to Greatness


This Saturday, I will be interviewing Eric Williams – husband of Jennifer Williams from Basketball Wives. He’s working on a new reality show which features dads raising their sons. And next week, in celebration of reaching 60 days, I’m going to interview someone who’s going to help me with one of the goals on my list: Going on a date. Yes, I’m going to have a matchmaker, relationship expert, life coach on my show.  This will also be your chance to ask questions from a life coach who can help you meet your goals on the way to greatness.  Haven’t figure out what you want to accomplish?  There’s help for that as well.  Stay tuned for details!

Today, I was wondering what I would post here – being that today marks 60 days that I have consciously worked towards my goal of a better 2012!

I am working on a piece for The Gatekeepers Post about the Freelancing Life – what it is and what it isn’t and then I received a video that I couldn’t ignore.

It’s directed at Chris Brown, but, I thought it might help us ALL put life in perspective when we feel attacked, or when we are feeling bad for ourselves.

The video gives a real talk look at some very valuable history lessons and insights that I could not have worded better myself.

As you watch, take a moment to reflect on how blessed we truly are!


2 thoughts on “Day 60 – 300 Steps to Greatness

  1. Well. Where do I start? I didn’t get a chance to comment on yesterday’s post so I’ll start with Chris Brown. I do agree with your statements yesterday about his mother coming forth and getting the help they both need. And the video you posted today was so on point! It seems clear that he does need better group of ppl on his team.

    I don’t really get into reality shows but if you mention them, TWC, I usually give them a chance. All that to say I’m not familiar with Basketball Wives or their husbands but I think putting a spotlight on fatherhood is an excellent idea. I think it will bring to light that fathers are just as capable as mothers in child-rearing…sometimes moreso. So I look forward to the interview and the show.

    I’m also looking forward to the life coach. I believe I have blogtalkradio set to email me when your shows air but I’ll double check.

    In terms of this 60 day milestone I had to re-read my original 2011 goals to make sure I’m on point. The way things are looking right now, I’m not sure how much traveling I’ll get done…but I’m still going to try! I have been writing but not enough so I have began to give myself due dates so I can accomplish my goal of completing at least one writing project this year. I have been exercising more and beginning to eat healthier but I’m still allowing certain stresses to effect me negatively. I’m working on that.

    My goals for today:
    1. Hang out w/ my sister (we are getting our hair done now)
    2. Get my home in order (its spring time so time for spring cleaning)
    3. Write out some ideas for my WIP that have been floating around in my head
    4. Start our business plan for our cleaning company (

    I’m still stepping!


    • NeeNee:

      Thanks for texting me with your AWESOME news! Taking steps DOES work 🙂

      Praying your sister is feeling stronger than ever and that you will have tremendous success with your WIP and cleaning company.

      I’m committed to walking hand in hand with you!

      Much love!


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