Day 59 – 300 Steps to Greatness


I started this post earlier and then I deleted it.

But, it keeps coming back, so I should just go ahead and get it over with.


This post may cause me to lose some readers, just as I have on other social media pages.

I don’t care.

I don’t typically use my blog to expound on pop culture media. But, Chris Brown deserves special attention today.Unless you’ve been able to avoid social media, Eyewitness News and teenagers, by now you’ve heard that Chris Breezy exploded after an interview on GMA with Robin Roberts, where she questioned his history with Rihanna.

Yup, he threw a chair through a window, shattering broken glass onto the ground of 43rd and Broadway.

When events like this happen, there are three groups of people who tend to surface and are most verbal about what has transpired:



Concerned Citizens

Please bear with me, as we examine each type of person.

Fans – will buy his album and could not care less about what happened.  They love his music and no matter what he does, they are on his side.  They believe he was PUSHED to explode.

Wannabees – people who NEVER purchased a Chris Brown album in their life or who have and SUDDENLY decide they want to have some impact on his life.  In fact, they suddenly think they have the answers – but, only because they are DESPERATELY seeking  to make a name for THEMSELVES and to insert themselves into the spotlight.

Concerned Citizens – those who look at the entire situation and make a non-biased decision, based on the facts and have reached the conclusion that NOTHING could justify his behavior.

I don’t sit as judge or jury on where you sit on the panel.  But, as a concerned citizen – consider this:

When you want to fade the memory of a negative event, you don’t explode and create a more crippling one.

Joe Jackson is STILL answering questions about beating Michael Jackson more than 40 years ago.

Ike Turner answered questions about “Anna Mae” until the day of his death.

Further?  Michael Jackson, who Chris reportedly credits as an inspiration, answered questions about children in his home and the litigation, years after it was over.

If someone can PUSH you over the edge by asking a mere question, are you ready to do interviews?  Forget that your publicist has the right to vet any questions prior to your appearance.  If you don’t want to answer, DON’T.

My humble advice still stands from the FIRST incident:

What the public needs to see is Chris Brown’s mother come forward.  She needs to do a news conference with SNOT-NOSED tears and say “I had no idea that events in MY past, would impact my son’s FUTURE.  As his mother, I REGRET not getting help for him because of MY abuse. So, I am going to wrap my arms around my son and love him, while going to therapy WITH him.  Please respect our privacy and allow us to take some time away to heal.”

How can I say that?  Because I have a teenaged son who is in anger management right now.  He was five months old when someone kidnapped us both and tie me up, assaulted me and threatened to chop my baby into pieces in front of me.  At the trial, I found out he had witnessed his father commit those same acts on his OWN mother as a child. I would not want my son to have IN ANY WAY received the message that it is EVER okay to put his hands on a woman.  And even though I am a single mom – that DOES NOT absolve me of MY responsibility.

So, as parents, we sometimes, need to overcome the guilt, shame and hurt associated with OUR past, so that our SONS can move forward.  And the sooner we accept responsibility for molding our sons into responsible men, the better off we will all be.

To the fans – he has issues and he needs help.  The truth is he created a bigger mess for himself.  If you buy his album, don’t act like what he did was right, it wasn’t. Otherwise you become an enabler.

To the wannabees – get over yourself. He’s not going to hear it from you and don’t look at this as your big break. Trust me, sending messages to him and then letting others know that you sent them only confirms that you are not only a wannabee, but, an overzealous fan.

Concerned Citizens – Don’t ever placate him or condone his behavior.  Hold him accountable as you would a family member.  An apology is the first step but reconciliation is a process.  If you are within his circle of influence, guide him gently to the help he needs.  If you are not, keep him in prayer and keep it moving and don’t let yourself turn into a wannabee.

And to anyone labeling me a “hater” or “not a real friend” because I’m being honest – NEXT!

These are my opinions, and I’m not asking anyone to confirm, co-sign, deny or otherwise.

I’m just doing what I do best:  Being Brutally Honest.

So what do we learn from this?  On your quest to greatness, never forget that you, like all people we view as a success are human.  We all have issues.  Take the time to deal with them NOW before they get magnified along with your greatness.  Don’t let your weakness potentially cripple and undermine your greatness.

Remember Sampson and Delilah?  In the end, it was his weakness that overcame his strength.

Tomorrow’s Topic:  Being a Freelancer doesn’t mean you can pick my brain for free!

It’s about to be 60 days that I’ve DELIBERATELY taken steps towards greatness and I’m feeling GOOD!