Day 56 – 300 Steps to Greatness


Guess what today is?

The day I get my Mac”boo”k Pro back!

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder – in this case, absence made me miss out on a lot of work!

During my down time I learned several things about myself.

Confession: I over analyze too many things internally. Sometimes, I just need to sit down and “BE”. I don’t know why that’s so difficult and I’ve made a decision to not figure it out. First step in letting things “BE”!

So, today I will just “BE”, what ever it is that I am called to “BE”, when ever I am called to “BE”, whom ever I may “BE” with, where ever that might “BE”!

You only get one shot at a great life, but, while living the one life you have, make sure you surround yourself with love.

Love for yourself, love for others and allow love to flow in your thoughts, words and deeds. As you give love, be prepared to receive it as well.

Just “BE”!


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