Day 49 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness


I haven’t always been so positive.

Heck, there are some days now when I don’t feel so WONDERFUL, INCREDIBLE, or AWESOME!  And it seems with each step that I get closer to greatness, the attempts to make me feel EVERYTHING except those words increase.

For a very long time I was ANGRY!  I didn’t need a therapist to find out that I was angry.  I just needed to learn that anger is a valid emotion; it’s our response to it that gets us in trouble.

In the midst of sorrows, you can’t see up when things look down.

I wasn’t happy and I was MAD about it!  And rightfully so.

I didn’t want to hear positive.

You hear the voice of reason telling you this can never be done.

I wanted to be heard and understood and FELT!  I was tired of feeling. I wanted to be FELT!

No matter how hard reality seems, you should hold on to your dreams.

Throughout the day-to-day of life, I wanted to be happy.  Most people do.  I didn’t know how.

Then it happened.

I learned the power of my words!

No matter how I felt about things, I began speaking about my life as I DESIRED for it to be.  When people passed my way in the morning and asked “How are you?”  I would respond, “AWESOME” and smile brightly just as if I was!

When people at work asked how my day was going, I would respond “INCREDIBLE”, although no fiber of my being felt that way!

You can win, as long as you keep your head to the sky.

Soon, I began to expand my one-word responses.  I began saying “I’m WONDERFUL, although not everyone realizes it yet.”

Then something else happened.



And then came Christina Norman.

I was an Executive Assistant at MTV Networks.  She was the President of MTV Networks.

She developed an offsite to provide employees with information on the direction of the network.

We all knew that the M in MTV hasn’t been MUSIC for a long time – viewers know that.

She challenged us to describe what the M represented in our lives and handed out posters with various definitions of M.

I got a pink one.  Mine said “M is Mother-F***ing Fun”  Yep!  It was fully spelled out and I got to display it proudly at my cubicle at work!

I took her challenge personally.  I developed my own statements about my life and I plastered them all over my pink poster.

M is memorializing memorable events.

M is meeting my maker’s requirements so I can exceed abundantly.

M is for the mommy in me.

M is making relationships meaningful

M is mentoring my way: reducing six degrees to three…

M is my life…and my life is pretty damned phenomenal!

Everyday I went in to work, I spoke those words over my life.

When I became frustrated at work, I spoke those words over my life.

You may be down, but, you’re not out.

And then, I developed my credo:  “Don’t let the day to day get in the way of your day today.”

A few months later, I was approached by a company in Arizona to begin producing a weekly entertainment piece for their television show on a local Fox affiliate network.

Guess what?



I have them taped to the wall in my home office and on those days when I don’t feel so INCREDIBLE, AWESOME or WONDERFUL, I go back to the root of those statements and get to work on making it happen!

Christina Norman is now the CEO of Oprah Winfrey Networks.

I urge you to do this:  define your life.  Write down those things that will get you where you want your life to be.  Speak them over yourself CONSTANTLY!

Just look ahead and you’ll be inspired to reach higher and higher.