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Today’s guest post is from Todd Covington.

Although we began corresponding via social media in November of 2009, it was just recently that I met him in person.

Todd quickly reminded me of how he submitted his blog to me for review back then.  HIS version of the story (LOL) is that when I responded the first time – there were no changes and he was so happy to be confirmed as a writer.

A few seconds later, the story goes, he got a second e-mail from me, where I “proceeded to slice, dice and chop his work to pieces.”

And he’s right.  I did provide some very real critique, and honestly, I was surprised to ever hear from Todd again, because so many people want to write – but, don’t have the heart to receive criticism.

Well, apparently, Todd followed every step of my advice, because today, I am celebrating him as my guest blogger and I did absolutely NO editing!

Keep up the good work, Todd!

Here’s his post – appropriately titled:  Operating in Criticism – I love his thoughts about this – please feel free to share yours here and on Todd’s Blog “Flash In The Days”.

Operating in Criticism

‘Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful’ (Proverbs 27:60)

I had a moment of clarity this morning when I opened my Bible. First off I overslept for church and that had me discouraged. For that matter I positioned myself to have church right where I was!

In Nehemiah it talks about how the people that are around you will gripe, complain, scrutinize and talk about the problems in the world. Who in the world will not just discuss a situation, but do something about it!

When problems arise we need to address that God has a solution, and ask ourselves is this God’s purpose for me?

God leads construction on every project you have in your life. He works alongside others to help you in the day-to-day operation of getting you one step closer to completion.  God leads the charge in your building while friends and enemies alike want to see it all crumble.

People will become desperate when your efforts come to life. When people around you see you getting close to something you have been working on, a relationship you have been trying to build, they will seek to destroy your mission and your character.

Think about it when you start a new task how many people are happy for you? They criticize what they don’t understand! People will try to convince you that it’s something too much for you to handle. “In your current situation” those around you will sabotage your thoughts as often as they can.

Truth is they will always find a new approach by centering their efforts towards breaking you down from the inside out! Personalized attacks always hurt the most when the criticism is unjustified!

When opposition builds up against you from friends or enemies remember that you are doing God’s work! We are often tempted to pray for the wrong things “God get me out of this situation” We should be asking God “strengthen my position so I can stand for you!”

You will be told to run and hide when things get rough and no one wants to be your ally!

When people say, ‘I’m going to tell you something for your own good,’ often they’ve nothing good to tell you at all!

Sometimes you’re in more danger from the counsel of your friends than you are from the criticism of your enemies. That’s when you must know who you are, what God’s called you to do, and outlive the criticism!

God wants to motivate us to build, but who will answer the call to action?  (some excerpts from the Vine)


4 thoughts on “Guest Post – 300 Steps to Greatness

    • Todd is an incredible writer and I really appreciate that he didn’t just come to me for advice and keep it moving. He checks in with me and I keep up with his blog when I can. But, I can tell that he really takes to heart the words I speak and I can see an amazing transformation in his writing. I’m proud to share him with the world!


  1. ceecee

    Thank You..your post inspired me to appreciate the hills and valleys, and to keep pressing on regardless of what and who’s in the way.

    God Bless:)


    • Thanks so much for stopping by. We are here to support one another, so share you vision with us, and we will see how we can help. It doesn’t have to be lonely in the valley 🙂


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