Day 43 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness


It’s no secret that I love God.

I’m not religious, I don’t presently attend a church, but, I love God.

I can’t deny HIS presence in my life and I would be remiss to leave him out of my journey to Greatness. I’d also be foolish to think it didn’t happen as a result of intimate times of prayer and worship.

My religious upbringing was in a very strict household. I learned at an early age that God was real.  I was taught the power of prayer, but, for a long time, there was something lacking.

Just prior to the time that I left home, I discovered that one of my deepest desires, as with most people, is to be in relationship.  And I knew that I wanted a deep relationship with God.

Not deep like it was mystical or that I became a religious zealot.

I wasn’t content with just showing up for Bible Study, etc without digging deeper and pulling out my own Bible at home and researching what was said in Scripture.

My earliest remembrance of God is associated with prayer. My mother would send me to church once in a while with people.  I honestly don’t remember who they were.  I remember her giving my brother and I  money to put in the offering plate.  We held back some to go buy candy on our way back home – lol!

Apparently, I learned something in church, because I remember needing to talk to God.  I didn’t know what prayer was, but, I knew that I wanted to talk to HIM.  I knew that he was able and capable of not only hearing but answering my request.

So, I did what I always do when something is on my heart.

I wrote him a letter.

Yup, a letter.

I couldn’t have been older than 9 or 10 because I know it was before we moved to New Jersey.

I don’t remember what I wrote.  I remember WHY.  But, the words escape me.

I wrote the letter and I put it in the window so God could see it.

I opened the window so it could fly up high, up to where God sits in heaven.

And now, many years later, I know that God heard and answered my prayer.  It took some time for me to see it, and I don’t know that I saw it as an answer to prayer when it happened.

But, he did.

And he listens and answers today.

I don’t know who this is for – I just know that I felt an overwhelming need to share this today.

Whatever your dream is, KNOW THIS: God is not heartless.  He would not place a dream in your heart, talents in your soul and not provide a way for them to manifest in your life.

You might not realize it, but, chances are, you already have everything you need.

If you are just starting on the path to greatness, if you are covered knee-deep in mud and can’t see the forest for the trees on your path – I encourage you to pray.

From the heart.

Pour out your soul and your heart to God.  Put it in writing and read it aloud to yourself.

You’d be surprised at what comes out of your heart and what God will pour into your life.

While there are many songs that sum up how I feel about God, Commissioned pretty much says it best.  I consider this song my personal love letter to God:

“I Can’t Live Without You”

“So here, lately I’ve been thinking about You
And the way You make me feel inside
Since we met I’ve regretted not one moment
Feelings I would not hide
It’s mighty nice to have You as my friend
My deepest thought with you I can share
I can’t imagine what life would be like
If I looked up and You were not there”

(You have to click on the link to watch the video on YouTube)


2 thoughts on “Day 43 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness

  1. Wow! Literally speechless… You have me thinking on my relationship with God. We all know and believe but sometimes we forget to put Him first… thank you.


    • Girl, we ALL need reminders. Life gets so hectic sometimes that it’s easy to say a simple, monotone prayer. I am guilty as well. I can never have too much alone time with him 🙂


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